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четверг, 1 сентября 2011 г.

Nil - Quarante Jours Sur Le Sinai

Artist: Nil
Country: France
Album: Quarante Jours Sur Le Sinai
Album Realesed in 2002
Releases information
Unicorn 2009
Style: Progressive Rock
Genre: Eclectic Prog
Format: Flac (image+cue+log+scans)
This Is Here :

A blend of JADE WARRIOR and KING CRIMSON with hints of ÄNGLAGARD, this French group treads everywhere from soothing melodiousness to sudden attacks of metal. Their music goes from free to hypnotic, wild, energetic and electric rock, but also pieces which sound like jazz-rock with a touch of Zeuhl or even melodious pop songs. Their third effort, "Quarante Jours Sur Le Sinaï" ("Forty Days On The Sinai"), is a conceptual work dealing with Ancient Egypt and old gods....the music is a mesmerizing melange of Mellotron and organ laden dark prog enmeshed with flute, searing guitar runs, Chapman Stick, dreamy female vocals as well as dramatic commanding male vocals (all vocals are in French). There are lots of guest artists contributing a wide palette of musical colors - harp, soprano sax, cello and etherial vocals. At times the music is serene and dreamy and then it explodes with a blazing distortion laden guitar solo. This 66 minute work is a breathtaking experience that echoes classic bands like CARPE DIEM and ANGE. The CD comes with 2 booklets - with translations in French and English outlining the story. An overwhelming work and one of the best symphonic rock albums I've heard in quite some time. by mr.Pollux

Songs / Tracks Listing
Act I - 36:16
Act II - 26:42
Total Time: 62:58

Line-up / Musicians
- David Maurin / prepared guitars, flute, gong, bass clarinet
- Samuel Maurin / bass, stick, voice, Aegyptian incantations
- Benjamin Croizy / synthesizers, mellotron, church organ, Hammond organ, piano, MS 20, timpani
- Frank Niebel / drums, percussion
Additional musicians:
- Roselyn Berthet / vocals, ethereal voices
- Eric Vedovati / vocals
- Samy Cyr / ethereal voices
- Anne Cayrol / cello
- Hervé Franconi / soprano saxophone
- Francois Pernel / harp
- Audrey Casella / narrator

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