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Lokomotive Kreuzberg - Fette Jahre

Artist: Lokomotive Kreuzberg
Album: Fette Jahre
Year: 1975
Label: Pläne S 99104
Style: KrautRock
Genre: Rock
Format: Flac+tracks+front
Size: 235MB
Time: 35:47

«An inventive Berlin polit-rock band, who were launched onto the scene in early 1972 with enthusiastic help from Floh De Cologne, to whom Lokomotive Kreuzberg were comparable in many ways. Amazingly creative, even on their debut, Lokomotive Kreuzberg blended hard-rock and blues together with more progressive sounds, with socio-political lyric and elements of satirical theatre. KOLLEGE KLATT was remarkable for its invention, accomplishing a sound that pre-dated Floh De Cologne's TILT!, witty and creative, with original use of synthesizer and theatrics.Later albums varied the mix somewhat, with JAMES BLOND losing us completely with its very vocal theatrics in German. Their third album FETTE JAHRE was much more tongue-in-cheek, being a parody of various musical styles from doo-wop through to psychedelic and experimental, feeling very much like a German Mothers Of Invention. MOUNTAIN TOWN is the most Zappa cum Floh De Cologne mixture of all, and makes use of some luminary jazz guests for a wide ranging and engaging palette of styles, all with that wry tongue-in-cheek edge of political theatre, yet I'm not so sure about the reggae track! Latterly the nucleus of Lokomotive Kreuzberg (without Andreas Brauer, who went on to release a couple of solo albums) ended up as being the backing musicians for Nina Hagen, and eventually transmuted into the pop-satire group Spliff» ~ COSMIC EGG/

Side A:
1. Rondo (4:58)
2. Comeback (2:42)
3. Requiem (4:24)
4. Fette Jahre (5:33)
Side B
1. Nostalgie (5:48)
2. Leise Sohlen (4:14)
3. Verfassungslied (3:03)
4. Parlamentsmarsch (4:41)

Bernhard Potschka / Acoustic Guitar, Guitar, Vocals
Manfred Praeker / Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion, Vocals
Uwe Holz / Drums, Percussion, Harmonica, Vocals
Karl-Heinz Scherfling / Percussion, Vocals
Andreas Brauer / Violin, Piano, Flute, Percussion, Synthesizer, Vocals

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